Spreading Christmas Cheer

Shop with Santa

The Hudson Family Foundation Shop with Santa Program provides children and families who are facing challenging circumstances a fun-filled evening of shopping and Christmas cheer.

Shop with Santa

The Hudson Family Foundation Shop with Santa Program allows us to share a very special evening at Target in Tigertown with dozens of children and their families who are facing difficult circumstances. Each child is given a gift card to purchase Christmas gifts for their families or themselves. Additionally, we have Santa and Mrs. Claus in attendance to tell stories and provide refreshments. This fun-filled evening aims to be a highlight of the holiday season for families in need.

How to Qualify

If your family is interested in applying for our Shop with Santa program, or if you know a family or child who would benefit from our Shop with Santa program, please contact us at info@hudsonfamilyfoundation.com.

By the Numbers


Children who have been given the opportunity to shop with Santa

$ 120,000+

Amount of Christmas gifts purchased for families through the Shop with Santa program

“Thank y’all so much. I can’t tell you how much it makes my heart melt when I don’t have to tell y’all Erica’s name, y’all already know who she is. I had other people come up and say, oh I saw her last year. It was an awesome turn out. Again thank you so much… we love being a part of the Hudson Foundation Family. Have a very Merry Christmas.”

“The Hudson Foundation is an amazing Foundation. I can’t even do justice in saying just how much you’ve given to our children. Thank you so much!!! One of the things that first comes to my mind was one of our eight year old boys crying with excitement because he received a $100 gift card at Shopping with Santa. He was so happy he could buy the other kids Christmas gifts. Thank you for making our kids feel special!! It means so much to see joy abounding in them after all they’ve been through.”